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How to Convert Your Garage Into a Workspace

If you run your own business or have a work-from-home job, you understand the importance of having a separate workspace. Whether you need a bigger office or are looking to save space, working from your garage is a viable option to give you the privacy you need. Read these tips for our expert garage-to-office conversion ideas.

Prepare for Your Home Office in Your Garage

Remove everything you typically store in your garage — bikes, tools, storage tubs and anything you can store elsewhere. If you need to keep items in the garage, you may want to invest in storage shelves or another option to keep it organized.

Next, consider temperature control. From hot summers to chilly winters, you’ll need a way to keep the garage at your desired temperature. Make sure your garage wall and door insulation works well or invest in some improvements.

If you notice a problem with the insulation or another security or safety issue with your garage door, contact a specialist. They’ll help you sort the problem out quickly so you can continue with your conversion.

Aesthetics and Design

Choose your desired aesthetic and design to turn your garage into your dream home office. You can pick a paint color that speaks to you — stick with simple white or choose something more unconventional to match your style. 

You’ll also want to consider furniture and lighting. Do you work at an office job? Get a desk and chair you’re comfortable with. If you stand often or work with your hands, you might want to go for a work table.

Most garages don’t have windows or windows that are quite small. However, you can use lamps and ceiling fixtures to mimic natural lighting. Colorful or patterned rugs, throw pillows or uniquely colored or shaped furniture can also brighten your new office space.


Do you consult with potential clients for your personal trainer business or do you work alone with three computer monitors? Your workspace should cater to your unique needs. Give yourself enough floor and desk space to move around and plenty of organization options to get the job done. You’ll also want somewhere to put a computer, other electronics or items you use for work.

Let R&R Doors Help With Your Garage Door

Now that you know how to convert your garage into a home office, you may need garage door repairs to ensure your space is fully functional. The team at R&R Doors is ready to help make your garage door suitable for your new office space. Browse our website or contact us to schedule service today!