Garage Door Hinge Repair in Madison, Wisconsin

Most home and business owners forget about hinges when opening and closing a garage door. If you’ve ever looked at the surface of your door’s panels, you should see a series of steel hinges on the inside of your assembly. These hinges allow the door to adapt each time you activate the opener. Garage door hinges must remain strong for safety and efficiency, so R&R Doors provides repair and replacement services within Madison, Cross Plains and southern Wisconsin.

We’ll inform you about the condition of your garage door parts and explain your options for routine maintenance and upgrades.

What Are Garage Door Hinges?

Garage door hinges usually consist of galvanized steel and sit near panels, rollers and tracking. These pieces are primarily used to link panel sections together and act as a housing for rollers so that they can glide along tracks consistently. Garage door hinges are a crucial component of your setup. They call for regular inspections, lubrication and tightening for optimum performance.

Garage Door Hinge Wear and Tear

Never attempt to adjust garage door hinges without a professional. Residential and commercial hinge installations require specialized tools, and these components are responsible for withstanding both weight and tension across your system. Simply use your eyes and ears to identify any of the following warning signs your hinges are in need of replacement: 

  • The hinges show rust.
  • You see missing screws and hardware.
  • Your garage door panels appear to sag.
  • The assembly experiences alignment issues.
  • The hinges are noisy when opening and closing the door.
  • The hinges are bent after an incident, like a collision.

If any of these signs sound familiar, call R&R Doors so we can come to take a look.

Fixing a Broken Door Hinge and the Garage Door Hinge Replacement Process

If you live near Madison, Wisconsin, and your garage door hinges are broken, look no further than R&R Doors for timely replacement services. No two garage door assemblies are exactly alike, so our technicians take the time to learn more about your setup so we can choose the right approach for a repair. Our professionals have been in the business since 1986, and we’re ready to find you compatible hinges based on the following criteria.

Hinge Gauge

Our garage door hinge replacement services in Wisconsin involve selecting the right gauge material for your applications. Most residential garage doors rely on 18-gauge hinges for durability, but we can install thicker 14-gauge selections for industry-leading brands like Clopay® and Amarr®. Commercial garage doors are typically larger in size, so we mount 11-gauge options following the industry standard.

During the garage door repair process, we’ll factor in your preference for hinge color, finish and shape.

Hinge Placement

Installing new garage door hinges calls for attention to detail. Our technicians are knowledgeable about hinge stamping numbers and follow the correct method for placement. When we’re done, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your garage door hinges sit in designated sections determined by the manufacturer for maximum support.

Contact R&R Doors to Fix Broken Garage Door Hinges Near Madison

R&R Doors is your premier source for correcting broken garage door hinges. We’ll boost your door’s cosmetic appeal and functionality. All of our technicians are highly trained, and we’ll drive out to your location from our main office in Cross Plains in as little as 24 hours to get your door back up and running. Call us at (608) 798-3581 or schedule your service appointment online today.