Garage Door Spring Replacement in Madison, Wisconsin

Residential and commercial garage doors contain springs to help panels open and close. These components handle incredible amounts of tension and work with openers, rollers, tracking and cables for smooth operation. If you’re experiencing an issue with your garage door, there’s a chance your torsion or extension springs need some attention.

Here at R&R Doors, we specialize in garage door spring repair services in Madison, Cross Plains and southern Wisconsin. Whether your Madison, Wisconsin garage door configuration requires spring maintenance or all-new replacements, we channel over thirty years of industry experience to find the best approach for your home or business.

The Purpose of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs act as a support system to withstand the weight of the door. If you’re ever in a situation where you have to lift a garage door manually, springs counteract the effects of gravity to make this a manageable task. Springs are prone to wear and tear over time, so it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect these sections on a routine basis to ensure they’re in working condition.

Signs You Require Garage Door Spring Repair Services

It’s important to use your eyes and ears each time you open and close a garage door. Pay attention to changes in your garage door system throughout the year for the following indicators a garage door spring repair is in order:

  • The springs are sagging.
  • There are gaps between coils.
  • Some garage door springs are missing.
  • You see rust and corrosion.
  • The panels are heavier than usual when you lift them manually.
  • The garage door is sluggish.
  • The panels sit unevenly when closed.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Your garage door spring repair appointment begins with a complete inspection. Our technicians work to identify the types of springs you have within your setup and will determine if lubrication or replacement is the best method for repair. The two types of springs are torsion and extension. You can gain an understanding of your garage door configuration based on the following criteria:

  • Torsion springs: Garage doors with torsion springs have high-tension cables and springs directly above panels. These systems rely on set levels of torque provided by overhead springs for smooth opening and closing.
  • Extension springs: These springs sit along the left and right sides of your garage door panels. You can tell if your assembly contains extension springs by looking at horizontal tracks. These spring types stretch in an outward direction when activating the opener from the closed position.

Installing Garage Door Spring Replacements in Wisconsin

All garage door configurations are unique. R&R eliminates any guesswork in the spring replacement process by providing you with high-quality upgrades based on the size and weight of your door. We change out worn springs in sets, saving you from an inconvenience down the road. After every garage door spring replacement job, our technicians perform a series of tests to make sure the door is safe and well-balanced. Schedule garage door maintenance to make sure your garage door springs are in good condition.

At R&R Doors, you’ll find technicians experienced with all major brands such as Clopay®, CornellCookson®, Amarr® and beyond.

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