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What to Consider When Selecting Commercial Garage Doors

What to Consider When Selecting Commercial Garage Doors

There are many factors to consider when choosing the most beneficial garage door for your business. While looks and curb appeal will help improve your reputation, other factors like protection and security are critical to your company’s assets. It’s also vital to ensure that the operating frequency and functionality of your door are practical for your company’s needs.

At R&R Doors, we can help you decide on the perfect door for your commercial needs. We’ve provided services to a long list of businesses in the Madison area for more than three decades, from warehouses and retail stores to auto shops and more.   

Main Uses of Commercial Garage Doors

Choosing the type of garage door for your business can be a challenging task. Functionality is essential, as the operation of a door contributes to your company’s overhead and operating costs. Essential functions of commercial garage doors include:

  • Security: Garage doors with the most effective locking components are critical for protecting your company’s inventory, equipment and other assets.
  • Noise reduction: When your business needs to reduce outside noise or prevent internal noise from escaping, factors like layering, structure and insulation are essential.
  • Energy efficiency: If maintaining the internal temperatures of your business is critical, adequately insulated garage doors are the first step for successful climate control.
  • Safety: If your company uses flammable equipment or materials, it’s vital to have garage doors rated for fire protection.

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

While size and material are among the most apparent differences between residential and commercial garage doors, several other characteristics distinguish these products. Additional differences include:

  • Spring systems: Commercial door operates many times more than a residential door daily, which requires that they use several heavier-duty torsion springs to support their function.
  • Lift type: Industrial doors use full-vertical and high-lift types due to their size, while residential doors use smaller, low-headroom systems.
  • Power: Commercial doors need much more energy and voltage to operate when compared to residential garage doors because they’re heavier and larger.
  • Appearance: Residential garage doors often put a higher emphasis on appearance and aesthetics than commercial garage doors.

Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors

R&R Doors offers various types of commercial garage doors to meet the requirements of your operation. Examples include:

  • Overhead sectional doors: Our steel sectional doors are available in multiple styles, including ribbed, full-view and polyurethane insulated.
  • Rolling steel doors: Several examples of the rolling steel doors we furnish include roll-up doors, counter doors, security grilles and standard rolling doors.
  • High-speed doors: These door designs feature springless construction with energy-efficient functionality.

Some of the top manufacturers we work with include Clopay®, Trac-Rite, Pioneer Dock Equipment, Amarr and CornellCookson. 

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