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How Does Amazon’s Key In-Garage Delivery Work?

How Does Amazon's Key In-Garage Delivery Work?

With millions of products at your fingertips and the ability to receive them quickly, Amazon has become a go-to for convenient shopping. And while we all love receiving our orders in a day or two, the reality of today’s busy lifestyle means many of us are away from home when they arrive.

If you’ve ever worried about a delivery getting stolen or damaged by wind, rain or snow while it sits at your door waiting for you to get home, Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery is for you. This service offers Prime members a secure way to receive packages from Amazon when they’re not home. 

How does Amazon deliver packages to your garage? Read on to learn how Amazon Key works and how to set it up so you can start enjoying the safety and security of garage delivery. 

What Is Amazon Key?

Amazon Key is a way to receive packages that offers a more secure alternative to traditional delivery. With Amazon Key, delivery drivers place your packages inside your garage rather than at your front door. The service is ideal for people who often receive deliveries while away and want their packages to be safe from theft, damage or inclement weather until they get home. 

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery works exclusively with MyQ Smart Garage Control, technology that makes nearly any garage door opener smart. With two hardware components — a Wi-Fi connection and the MyQ mobile app — you or another household member can monitor your garage door’s status and open and close it from any remote location. 

How Does Amazon Garage Delivery Work? 

When you submit an Amazon order, you’ll designate an address for Amazon Key deliveries. Once the delivery driver arrives at your home, they’ll open the garage door, place your items inside and close it behind them. 

You can also link your Amazon Key system to a security camera to record the deliveries. You’ll receive a notification when a delivery arrives, so you can watch it in real time or view the recording later.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the process:

  1. Choose the “Free Key Delivery” option when you’re ready to check out. 
  2. Once Amazon receives your order, they’ll send you a general time frame for your package’s arrival. 
  3. Once the driver gets to your house, they’ll scan your delivery to confirm it’s correct. The confirmation will allow them to open your garage door.
  4. The driver will leave your package in your garage as specified. 
  5. The driver will shut the garage and ensure the door closes completely before leaving your property. 

How Do You Set up Amazon Garage Delivery? 

Amazon Key garage delivery is available to Amazon Prime members. To set it up, you’ll need to buy and install MyQ Smart Garage Control. 

The MyQ kit comes with a smart hub and a door sensor. The smart hub is a plastic square that connects to your garage door. You’ll mount this on the ceiling near the garage door motor and place the sensor in the bottom corner of the garage door. 

In addition to the hardware, you’ll download the MyQ Garage and Access Control app, which is the control panel for MyQ. 

Once you have your MyQ system set up and ready to go, download the Amazon Key app and log in with your Amazon username and password. The homepage will prompt you to link your home to your MyQ account. 

Does Amazon’s Garage Delivery Require a Camera?

Does Amazon's Garage Delivery Require a Camera?

While a camera isn’t a necessity for in-garage delivery, having one allows you to watch the driver’s activity from your phone once they’ve arrived at your home. Camera footage is also helpful as evidence in case something happens to your packages. 

Once you’ve linked the Amazon Key app to your garage door, set up your chosen security camera in a location with a clear view of the garage door. Leave instructions for drivers to place deliveries in your preferred location. 

Is Amazon Key Safe?

Amazon created in-garage delivery so customers can be sure their packages are safe from theft and the elements. Instead of asking your neighbors to intercept your deliveries or hoping nobody takes them while you’re gone, Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery assures you they’re in safekeeping. 

Here are a few standards Amazon uses to ensure in-garage delivery safety:

  • All delivery drivers must provide motor vehicle records and pass a background screening. 
  • Amazon verifies the delivery worker has the correct parcel before letting them enter your garage.
  • Amazon does not give delivery personnel any of your garage keys or entry codes. 
  • Amazon notifies you during each stage of the garage delivery process.
  • Amazon sends you a receipt with a video of the delivery. You can watch the video as it happens or view a recording later.

In addition to these safety features, Amazon encourages you to submit a complaint if you’re unhappy with any aspect of their services. 

Can Amazon Key Work With Any Garage Door and Opener?

Amazon Key is best for sectional or single-panel garage doors. You can fill out the form on Amazon’s website to determine if your garage door is a candidate. You’ll also want to confirm that Amazon offers garage delivery in your location. 

If your garage door is older or in poor condition, you may want to repair or replace it before you begin using in-garage delivery. Your garage door should be in good working order so you can access it remotely without issue. A damaged or faulty door could hinder in-garage delivery. 

MyQ works with many garage door openers manufactured after 1993, as these typically have safety sensor eyes. You can determine if yours is compatible with the MyQ Compatibility Tool.

Maximize Garage Door Safety With R&R Doors

Maximize Garage Door Safety With R&R Doors

R&R Doors is a family-owned business with many years of experience in the garage door industry. We provide commercial and residential garage door installation and service in Cross Plains and Madison. If you’re ready to enjoy Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery’s safety and security benefits, the experts at R&R Doors can inspect your garage door first to ensure it’s up to the task. 

Whether your garage door needs maintenance or repairs or you want to install a brand-new one, you can count on us for free estimates, high-quality parts, fast turnaround and unmatched service. Contact R&R Doors today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you!