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Space-Saving Garage Storage Ideas

Space-Saving Garage Storage Ideas

Is your garage starting to overflow with piles of stuff that won’t fit anywhere else? The garage can become a catch-all for various items like sports equipment, bicycles and holiday decorations. People use their garages for more than storing their cars, converting them into a storage closet, workout room, pantry or other multipurpose room. 

Is it possible for your garage to serve all these functions? With a few storage solutions and a dash of creativity, you can transform your messy garage into a functional addition to your home. Get started with these garage space-saving storage ideas. 

Garage Storage Essentials

The secret to organizing any room is creating a home for each item in the space. In the garage, limited space can force you to get creative with your storage solutions. 

Shelving, bins, racks, containers, hooks and cabinets are essential for making dedicated spaces for all your things. If you have the budget, you can purchase these materials or use items you may already own to achieve the same effect. 

Use these straightforward storage hacks to declutter any garage. 

Tool Storage Rack 

To store long tools like rakes, shovels, brooms and mops, consider installing a rack on the wall. You can purchase one or make a DIY tool rack from a piece of wood and a few brackets. Storing these items on the wall uses empty vertical space and creates room on the floor for additional storage. 

Shelving Units 

No matter what you are storing, a shelving unit is a must. You can fill it with bins to house kids’ toys and sports equipment or leave it empty and stock the shelves with cleaning products, tools and paint cans. Garage bin storage is an efficient way to group small items and keep them at easy reach. You can also label your shelves so the entire family can put things back where they belong. 

You can purchase shelving units from various home improvement stores, or if you are confident in your carpentry skills, you can make one at home. If you have a few old wooden crates lying around, you can fasten them together to create a shelf with defined spaces for storing items in your garage. 

Utility Hooks

Hooks are another simple storage solution that maximizes the vertical space on your walls. They are an affordable option to create customized storage for the items you keep in your garage. 

Use multipurpose steel hooks to store a wheelbarrow, lawn chair, bicycle or anything else you can safely affix to the wall. You can arrange them in any configuration to accommodate your stuff. Use a stud finder to ensure heavy items have sufficient support. Consider your belongings’ width to create adequate space for your vehicles and walking paths. 

Organize all your items using a combination of these garage space-saving ideas. These solutions will help you maximize even the smallest one-car garage storage space. 

Correctly storing your lawn mower will ensure it lasts as long as possible. Housing your mower in the garage keeps it safe, but it can take up a lot of crucial space.

Lawn Mower Storage Solutions

If you lack an outdoor shed or alternative storage area, you may be storing your lawn mower in your garage. Correctly storing your lawn mower will ensure it lasts as long as possible. Housing your mower in the garage keeps it safe, but it can take up a lot of crucial space. 

Lawn mowers sometimes have collapsible handles to condense their size for easier storage. If you are confident in your DIY skills, you can build a wooden platform to house your lawn mower. There are various design plans available online for short or tall boxes to elevate your lawn mower so you can store other items underneath. 

If you would prefer to purchase a solution, there are similar lawn mower storage racks available online. You could also store your mower underneath a tall table. You can use the tabletop as a workspace or storage surface while securing your mower below. 

Garage Ladder Storage Ideas

Large ladders are common in any garage, and they can be heavy and difficult to store. The two most common storage solutions are to hang the ladder either vertically or horizontally from the wall. Make sure your hooks are sturdy enough to hold your ladder’s weight, and use at least two for a horizontal installation for even weight distribution. Add more hooks for extra safety and security, and always attach to a stud. Depending on how much space you have, these are both helpful options. 

If you have already filled your walls with shelving and tool racks, consider storing your ladder on the ceiling. Using the appropriate techniques, you can safely hang your ladder from brackets attached to studs in the roof. Look for safety-tested hooks and mounted racks. Be sure to install them correctly to avoid any accidental injuries. 

To choose the best storage solution, you must account for the ladder’s weight. Ensure whichever storage solution you choose is sturdy enough to support your ladder. When you are retrieving your ladder for use, remove it carefully. 

Garage Coat Storage Ideas

Winter coats are bulky and can sometimes track dirty slush and water into the house. You can store your coats in the garage during the spring and summer or all year long to save space in your home. 

If you store your coats after winter to free up room in your closets in warm weather, you can put them in a plastic tote or container with a lid to protect them from insects and dust while they are in the garage. Use vacuum storage bags to minimize your coats’ size, so they take up less space. 

For year-round storage, use a simple hook to hang up your coat. For additional protection from spiders and exhaust fumes that can accumulate in the garage, hang coats in a cabinet or storage locker. These units have closing doors for a less cluttered appearance. 

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