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Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

Many people use their garage door daily, opening and shutting it to leave home and return from work. Like every mechanical tool, your door will experience wear and tear from constant use. Parts may start to rub or break after a while. 

The best way to care for your garage door is with routine maintenance at least once a year. Having a professional look over the parts and conduct the necessary repairs has several benefits for your home and daily life. Here are some of the benefits of scheduling regular garage door maintenance: 

Reduces Mechanical Noise

Over time, the parts in your garage door may get noisier. If you’re opening the garage door early in the morning or late at night, these loud noises can irritate you and your neighbors! 

Squeaks, pops and other noises also indicate that parts are rubbing together. Eventually, this friction may wear the parts down and cause more problems for your garage door. You can reduce your garage door’s noise and prevent future issues by scheduling regular maintenance. 

Let your maintenance technician know you’re concerned about your garage door’s noise level. While there’s no way to eliminate the noise of opening and closing the door, the right maintenance steps can reduce how loud your garage door sounds. You can even order special parts to help reduce this noise even more. 

Prevents Major Issues

When you take your car in for annual inspections, you can catch any major issues before they strand you on the road. The same principle applies to your garage door — preventive maintenance now can save you time, money and trouble in the future. For example, garage door repairs, such as replacing glass, repairing dents and updating old parts, are much less expensive than installing a completely new door. 

Investing in routine maintenance can save you the headache of waking up to a broken garage door. If your car is parked inside your garage, you may even be stranded until the repair technician can make time for you. 

Protects Your Home

Because garage doors offer access to your house, it’s essential that they remain secure. Many homeowners treat the door into their garage like an external door just in case, adding locks for maximum protection. However, garage doors are fitted with sensors, locking mechanisms and a cord so you can manually open and close the door if necessary.

Modern garage doors are designed to be extremely secure. However, maintaining your garage doors is an excellent way to make sure they stay that way. Parts wear out, batteries die and panels may get weaker with age and weather exposure. Maintenance should be part of your home’s security plan.

During routine maintenance, your repair tech can ensure your door is functioning at its most optimal. If your door doesn’t close all the way, has a broken panel or is experiencing a malfunctioning keypad, it may impact the security of your home.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Enhances Curb Appeal

Garage doors cover a large surface area and can add or detract from your home’s curb appeal. If you take good care of your garage door, you can positively impact the external aesthetic of your entire house.

You can contribute to your home’s curb appeal by keeping your garage door clean year-round. However, regular maintenance is another helpful way to invest in your home’s appearance.

Maintenance workers can repair any damage before it gets worse and starts to damage the external appearance of your home. Dents, rust, broken glass and warped panels all degrade the look of your home and pose potential security hazards.

Increases Your ROI

Because curb appeal is so important for your home’s resale value, maintaining your garage doors can improve the value of your home. According to one study, curb appeal can affect 7% or more of your home’s sale price.

Even if you choose a garage door with the highest quality materials, it won’t last forever. However, investing in regular maintenance helps ensure the longest life possible for this part of your home.

Your garage door improves the functionality and architectural aesthetic of your home. By taking good care of your garage door, you’re also investing in the longevity of your home and the practical ease of living there.

Improves Daily Experience

If you use your garage door daily, any issue with it will become constantly frustrating. Scheduling regular maintenance will make your life easier by preventing irritating or time-consuming problems with your garage door.

For example, your door may start getting stuck in an open or closed position. The automatic opener may stop functioning, so you have to open and close the door manually. In addition to technical issues, your garage door may develop squeaking noises or stop working when it’s cold outside.

Small problems with your garage door may be frustrating, but they’re nothing compared to a massive problem — like a garage door that won’t shut before you leave for work in the morning. By investing in routine maintenance, you can help out your future self.

Strengthens Your Character

There are two kinds of people in the world — people who are proactive, and people who are reactive. Most people who are reactive tend to become proactive after they’ve been burned by being unprepared too many times.

People who are proactive save money, time and their peace of mind. They plan ahead so they’re prepared when things go wrong or so things don’t go wrong at all. By contrast, reactive people experience high costs and frustration because they fail to plan ahead.

You can exercise your proactive muscles by scheduling preventative care so your well-maintained garage doors don’t have any major issues. Over time, this can save you money, time and a hefty dose of frustration. 

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