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How to Inspect Your Garage Door

How to Inspect Your Garage Door

Your garage door is essential to your property, and you need it to work correctly. Keep your day-to-day life smooth and hassle-free while entering and exiting your garage door with regular inspections.

Why Inspecting Your Garage Door Is Important

Overhead doors rely on several components to safely lift and lower themselves. Failure can be an inconvenience and a safety risk, and repairs can be costly. Inspecting your garage door often can help you catch minor issues early — before they interrupt your day or become more significant problems.

Your Garage Door Inspection Checklist

We recommend having your garage door inspected at least twice a year to ensure it remains in optimal condition. A professional will check your entire garage door system, including these parts, during a thorough inspection.


These sensors detect anything blocking the door and are usually at the bottom of the garage door’s tracks. If the door refuses to close without an obstruction in the way or closes with an object placed on the tracks, there may be an issue with the sensors.

Balance and Garage Door Springs

When opening the door manually and leaving it slightly open, the garage door should stay in place without dropping. If the door falls, a garage door technician may need to adjust its balance. They’ll also check your door’s springs for rust and listen for excessive noise to determine whether they require lubrication. 

Pulleys, Rollers and Hinges

Your door uses pulleys, rollers and hinges to move and flex smoothly and quietly. Noise, rust and wear and tear are signs that these components need replacement.

Door Panels and Rubber Weather Stripping

Pay attention to your door panels‘ condition. The rubber running along the bottom should be flush with the ground with the door closed. If you see dents in the panels, degradation of your weather stripping or other damage, a professional can help you determine the best solution.

Pros of Working With a Professional

Hiring a professional to take care of your garage door needs will save you time and money in the long run. An experienced hand performs quality work that goes a long way in solving your problems. Attempting repairs on your own may lead to more costly service visits later. 

What’s more, garage door systems feature several heavy components and parts under stress, which can be dangerous to address on your own. A professional has the necessary training and experience to know how to inspect garage door openers, springs and other components safely. 

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