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What Do I Need to Know About Installing a Garage Door?

What Do I Need to Know About Installing a Garage Door?

If your garage door is past its prime and you’re considering a new door installation, you’re making a decision that will affect your daily life for years or decades. Today, many homeowners with attached garages use their garage doors as main entries, making these doors mission-critical to your home’s security.

Your garage door can also transform your garage’s functionality and your entire property’s appearance. Installing a new door is absolutely a job for the professionals. Garage doors can weigh up to 400 pounds, meaning you’ll want knowledgeable experts to install them safely. R&R Doors can help you choose and install the correct door for your home.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Company

A good garage door company consists of more than just professionals who know how to install a garage door. An experienced team of professionals will guide you in choosing the right door and take care of the details while being timely and ensuring you stay on budget.

You can begin by looking for companies with extensive experience and deciding on the style and type of garage door you want. Check their work by looking at galleries of their installed garage doors and read some reviews. The best way to determine which company is right for you, however, is to contact them and ask a few questions.

Top Questions to Ask About Garage Door Installation

There are several questions you should ask a garage door installer before agreeing to work together:

  • Can you share testimonials from past customers? A qualified garage door company will have many happy customers and will be able to share testimonials and references. Look for professionals who can talk about many satisfied customers and describe more challenging installations where they found innovative solutions to meet homeowner needs.
  • Can we discuss R-values? R-values are a measure of insulation in a garage door. A qualified garage door installation professional will be able to explain that the measures manufacturers publish are not necessarily the R-values a garage door has after installation. They’ll also know that when comparing garage doors, a door with double the R-value does not offer double the insulation. Look for a professional who helps you compare entire door systems to find a garage entrance that meets your needs.
  • How do you comply with regulations? Every city and town has bylaws and rules about garages. Make sure any professional you work with has an established process to ensure all the correct paperwork is filed and your garage door is fully compliant.
  • Do you work with garage doors from multiple manufacturers? A company working with different manufacturers can help you compare various brands and models and may be able to offer a wider range of options.
  • What garage door openers do you offer? Your garage door opener affects your garage’s security, so look for a company offering garage door openers that help you travel through your garage door easily and safely. A qualified professional should be knowledgeable about garage door openers and accessories.
  • Do you work with homeowners in my area? Every region has different needs. You will want your garage door to work well with your home’s style, but you will also want it to stand up to local weather. In Cross Plains, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas, garage doors have to contend with heavy snows, below-freezing temperatures and heat waves in the summer. Your garage door professional should be familiar with these local challenges to help you find a door that serves well in all weather.
  • Do you offer garage door services? If you ever need repairs, it’s ideal to get your repair service from the same company that installed your door so you can trust your warranty will be honored.

What Style and Material Do You Want for Your Garage Door?

There are some questions garage door professionals can help with but which you will ultimately need to answer yourself. The biggest question is what style and material you want for your garage door. A good company will help you make a selection by asking questions and showing you their available options.

Today, homeowners have more garage door choices than ever before. There are carriage house garage doors that work with historic homes, coach house doors designed to look wonderful with rural houses, modern doors that work well with sleek structures and many other styles.

You can also choose garage doors made from steel, aluminum, wood and other materials. Wood offers a classic look and warmth, while composite cladding can be styled to look just like wood or another material. Aluminum and glass garage doors can allow light into your garage and look wonderful with modern homes, while steel options are ideal if you want durable construction. Additionally, some manufacturers develop garage doors with multiple layers of steel, insulation, cladding and other materials so you get the best of each option.

Contact R&R Doors for Your Garage Door Installation in Madison or Cross Plains, WI

Since 1986, R&R Doors has been trusted by homeowners and businesses in the Madison and Cross Plains regions of Wisconsin for new garage door installations, repairs and maintenance. We work with the top brands for garage doors, openers and accessories, and we’re members of the International Door Association, Madison Area Builder Association (MABA), National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce and other groups.

Our award-winning team takes great pride in offering honest, professional service every time. Contact R&R Doors today for your garage door installation in Madison or Cross Plains, WI.