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Why Should You Maintain Your Garage Door?

Why Should You Maintain Your Garage Door

Why Should You Maintain Your Garage Door?

There’s nothing more frustrating than a malfunctioning garage door when you’re late for work. To prevent a full-blown garage door fiasco, it’s important that you keep a close eye on your garage door to catch any warning signs that it might be in need of minor repair. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the most common garage door problems to look out for, how to know when you should have your garage door maintenanced and some top-notch garage door maintenance tips, so you can avoid having another garage door headache.

Common Garage Door Problems

There are many garage door problems that can pop up, but these are the five most common ones:

  1. Unresponsive garage door: If your garage door doesn’t budge when you try to open or close it, it could mean your garage door remote just needs new batteries, or there may be an issue with the photo-eyes. Make sure everything is properly plugged in, the electrical outlet is fully functioning, and nothing is blocking the photo-eyes.
  2. Cracking: Cracks can show up on the actual garage door, especially if it’s wooden, or on the door’s weather sealant. Most often, caulk or a waterproof filler can fix gaps on a garage door, but a broken weather sealant needs to be completely replaced.
  3. Not staying open or closed: The most common cause of a garage door that won’t stay down or up is old springs. If your garage door is immediately re-opening after your close it or refusing to remain open, you need to replace its springs.
  4. Grinding sounds: Noises are a big indicator of potential problems, so keep an ear out for garage door issues as well. Usually, squeaky noises can be solved with just a bit of lubrication, but some more serious sounds, such as grating or grinding, may need special attention.
  5. Rust: Too much exposure to water or air can result in rust forming on your garage door. Remove rust by cleaning it off with a soapy washcloth then rubbing it with vinegar, a natural rust dissolver. You can then sand off the rusted part.

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance Tips

If you spot any signs of garage door trouble on the horizon, here are our top five maintenance tips to help you avert a crisis:

  1. Schedule check-ups: Routine maintenance work can help prevent rust build-up and any major garage door issues.
  2. Get greasy: Lubricating the moving parts of your garage door can keep it running smoothly for years.
  3. Replace rollers: You should inspect your garage door’s rollers at least twice a year and replace any cracked or chipped rollers immediately.
  4. Check cables: Like rollers, the cables should be inspected regularly — but never try to replace them on your own. Doing so can be extremely dangerous. Instead, call a professional garage door technician.
  5. Test your garage door: Test both the auto-reverse safety feature and balance of your garage door periodically. An imbalanced garage door and one that does not automatically reverse when it senses an object is hazardous.

How to Know Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

Does your garage door need maintenance? Even after going over basic garage door problem prevention and DIY fixes, it can be hard to tell when it’s time to call in a professional.

How to Know Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

Here are the five clearest signs that your garage door needs maintenance immediately:

  1. The garage door stays shut or open: The most obvious indication that your garage door is broken is when it won’t move up or down. This means the cables, gears, springs or opener is damaged, and you need to call a garage door service to repair or replace the defective parts.
  2. The garage door is responding slowly: A slow garage door doesn’t always mean it needs professional help, but if lubricating the rollers doesn’t do the trick, you might want to get a garage door technician to work on it.
  3. The garage door is making strange noises: Depending on what part of your garage door is broken, it will make a different noise, such as a rumbling sound if the torsion springs are the issue. Regardless of which part is causing the noise, call a garage door service to locate the sound’s source and take care of it.
  4. The garage door is off its tracks: A garage door comes off of the tracks when its rollers jump the track. This makes the garage door a danger to anyone who tries to get it open or shut it on their own, so it’s important that you call to have it fixed as quickly as possible.
  5. The garage door is off-balance: If an off-balance garage door isn’t immediately repaired, its springs could continue to wear down unevenly, and, eventually, the over-worked spring will snap. Make sure your garage door closes evenly and doesn’t sag, so bigger problems don’t arise from overly stressing the springs.

Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

These are the five significant advantages to getting a garage door technician to regularly check up on your garage door and make minor repairs:

  1. Save money: Larger repairs are more costly than smaller ones, so routinely keeping up with your garage door’s maintenance will ultimately save you from paying more to fix a major breakdown. 
  2. Improve safety: During regular garage door catch-ups, you may discover and repair problems that otherwise could have put your home or business in danger.
  3. Extend the life of your garage door: A well-maintained garage door can last for decades, but a garage door that never receives the necessary repairs or part replacements is less likely to remain functioning for as long.
  4. Add home value: If you have a well-maintained garage door in no need of replacing, your property value increases, and your house will become instantly more appealing to potential buyers.
  5. Learn more: You can learn a lot from observing a professional work, and most garage door technicians will be happy to show you the basics of garage door maintenance, so you’ll be able to take proper care of your garage door in between scheduled maintenance appointments.

Maintain Your Garage Door With R&R Doors

If your garage door needs any repairs or replacements, contact R&R Doors today. At R&R Doors, we carry a large inventory of replacement parts and garage door accessories. Our staff specializes in garage door maintenance and is more than willing to answer any maintenance questions and do whatever it takes to get your garage door running smoothly as soon as possible.

Whether your garage door needs a minor repair or major replacement, call R&R Doors at (608) 798-3581 to start taking advantage of all the benefits garage door maintenance has to offer.

Maintain Your Garage Door With R&R Doors