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Signs You Need a New Garage Door Opener

Electronic openers are a quick, easy way to raise and lower your garage door — and thanks to modern technology, many also come with an array of helpful safety and security features. Though you might tend to forget about your garage door opener, they undergo a lot of stress and movement each day and may start to show signs of wear. How Do I Know I Need a New Garage Door Opener? When you initiate the signal to raise or lower your garage door, the keypad or remote control sends an alert to the overhead opener, which prompts the drive […]

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Benefits of a New Garage Door

When planning upgrades to your home, consider the benefits of a new garage door. People notice your garage door when they are driving by or pulling into your driveway for a visit — it’s a highly visible part of your home. You might not realize it now, but replacing your garage door could significantly impact how you view your home within your neighborhood. It’s easy to let the years wear upon your garage door as long as the opener works each day. But what about the door’s aesthetic? When was the last time you inspected its materials? With a closer […]

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